May 11, 2015

Dear Universal Encouragement Program Registrants and Users:

We are pleased to announce that intoCareers, a national outreach unit of the University of Oregon, will be operating and supporting the assessment systems developed by Encouragement Services, Inc. starting July 1, 2015. intoCareers and Encouragement Services, Inc. have a long history of collaboration, and this acquisition represents a shared commitment between our organizations to ensure continued support for the UEP platform and the people it serves.

Schools and programs can be confident that intoCareers will continue the mission of the UEP and Connext assessment systems and provide the support and training needed for optimal use. For over 40 years, intoCareers has developed and delivered the Career Information System (CIS), a national career guidance system currently serving several million users in 21 states. intoCareers will bring this experience and expertise to the future development and success of Connext and UEP.

Our top priority is to provide a seamless transition. As such, there will be no changes in price or system functionality for the 2015-16 academic year. The one exception is that the name of UEP will be changing to "Sherlock". Materials will be updated to reflect the new name as the year progresses.

To protect personally identifiable student data, all data fields that could reveal a student's identity will be encrypted prior to transfer to the University of Oregon. In order for UEP school/program users to access personally identifiable data, these data must be decrypted. Schools and programs that wish to continue having access to their data have two options for activating their personally identifiable data:

  1. When schools and programs re-subscribe to the UEP, data activation occurs automatically. To re-subscribe, simply log into the UEP Administration and Reporting Tools with your username (email address) and administrative password, then select Manage Subscription under the Account Settings tab.
  2. If your school or program does not renew your UEP subscription, you may request data decryption (activation) via the UEP Administration and Reporting Tools. Select 'Activate Student Data' under the Account Settings tab. This will permit retrieval of reports that include personally identifiable data.

UEP Administration and Reporting Tools:

Schools and programs that do not activate their data through either of the processes above will continue to have access to aggregate non-identifiable student data.

Please contact either of us if you have any questions or concerns.


Scott Gillie
Executive Director
Encouragement Services, Inc.
PO 491
Ellettsville, IN 47429
Tel: 812.876.5055 Fax: 812.876.5051
        Curtis Fuhriman
intoCareers, University of Oregon
99 W. 10th Ave.
Eugene, OR 97401
Tel: 541.346.5616

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