Sherlock helps school counselors and student advocates develop a better understanding of the guidance and support needs of their students. The forms (questionnaires) are intended to be flexible. Students should complete the form in one sitting, however each section can be saved, and students can return to complete other sections at a later time if necessary. Note: students must set up a security question and answer on the Sherlock About You page in order to return to the assessment to view, change, complete, or delete their assessment.

If you have any questions about administration of the program, call intoCareers at 1-800-553-2252 or send an email to

Please read through the information below before administering the form to students.

Before You Begin

  1. Make sure students have access to computers with Internet service.
  2. If you want students to print their questionnaire responses, make sure each computer has access to a printer.
  3. Students will need to have the email address(es) of their parent/guardian(s), if the student wants assessment responses sent to them.
  4. Students will need the mailing address(es) of parent/guardians.
  5. Students will need to know the highest level of education of all persons in their household.
  6. You should ask students to gather the above information and bring it to the session during which they enter data into the system. A simple form letter is available to print for this purpose.
  7. If you are not using the hyperlinks (emailed to the school contact at the time of registration and pasted on the desktop of machines that students will use to enter data), you will need the school/program authorization code that was sent to the school's contact person. This numeric or alpha code indicates the school students attend and is necessary to begin the form.
  8. Please read through the form preview at least once before administering the assessment. This will allow you to determine whether additional information or materials particular to your school and students are needed.

To Begin

  1. Setting a proper tone - Let students know that this assessment is probably unlike most they have taken. The subject of this assessment is the student and the student's future. It is important to let students know of the seriousness of this subject and that their thoughtful responses to all of the survey items will enable counselors and advisors to better understand and respond to their needs and interests.
  2. To manually insert school authorization codes in student forms, make sure students begin on the correct web page for the form you intend to use. For Sherlock (recommended for grades 6-12), students should start at the URL We recommend, however, that computers be set to access the links sent to the Sherlock site administrator at the time of Sherlock registration. Students may use the web pages above to manually insert the school authorization code; however, the links sent at registration automatically insert the authorization code on student forms. Note: intoCareers Career Information System users access the Sherlock through their career system portfolios. The portfolio link automatically inserts the authorization code.
  3. On the first page of the form, there is a notice to students about the use and importance of the survey. Directions on how to use the form are also on this page. Please read through this page with the students and make sure they understand how to use the form. Be sure to ask if they have any questions before allowing them to begin filling out the form.
  4. If necessary, provide students the school/program authorization code to enter at the top of the About You page. The code is needed to activate the form. (The authorization code is found in the Sherlock registration welcome email message. If needed, the code may be obtained by contacting intoCareers.*)
  5. After completing the student registration (About You) page, direct students to the Next link at the bottom of the page to proceed to the first set of items. It is important that students complete as much of the About You page as they can. Inform students that they must choose a security question and provide an answer in order to re-visit their surveys to view, change, or delete a response.
  6. Remind students to fill out all the information to the best of their abilities. Encourage them to ask questions if they are unsure about anything found on the form.
  7. Inform students that once they complete each page, they should click the Next link found at the bottom of the page. By clicking the Next link, they will save their information after each section. If they need to return to a section that they have already completed, they can use the links on the left side of the page to return to that section.

Notice Regarding Students Under Age 13

  1. Any student under age 13 is subject to special protections of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act
  2. .
  3. No student under age 13 may use Sherlock without signed parental permission.

Once Students Have Completed the Form

  1. From the last page of questions (Services and Activities), students should click the Finish Survey link at the bottom of the page.
  2. Students will be prompted to go back to make revisions or to proceed by clicking on the send/print/save button.
  3. When students click send/print/save, they will be presented with the following choices:
    1. Print a copy of their form and responses (if a printer is available)
    2. Send their form and responses by email to:
      1. Parent/Guardian 1
      2. Parent/Guardian 2
      3. Themselves
      4. Any email address
  4. After they make their selections, students should click the Finish button. This will save their information to the database.

*Contact intoCareers by email to or by phone at 800-533-2252.