Why use Sherlock?

Sherlock is a customizable online guidance assessment, reporting, communications, and evaluation system designed to help counselors and other education support professionals document and respond to students' career and education needs, interests, and experiences. Sherlock assessments inform guidance and encouragement efforts that lead to improved educational attainment and career decision-making.

Sherlock is a time-saving online tool that gathers critical data to inform guidance services, student advocacy, comprehensive guidance program development, and school improvement efforts. intoCareers offers Sherlock to schools and education support programs and provides low-cost data tools that enable states, districts, and other groups to view data across multiple schools or programs.Click on the registration link on the left to begin the purchase process.

Sherlock provides web-delivered guidance reports for individuals, cohorts, and selected groups of students.

Guidance assessment

  • Identifies students in need of guidance services
  • Enables targeted guidance and encouragement services
  • Lists students at risk of disengagement or not continuing with education or training beyond high school
  • Provides a rationale and justification for program development - see at a glance the more popular student preferences for guidance and support services
  • Documents the effects of guidance programming efforts
  • Informs parents/guardians, mentors, advisors, and other care-givers in assisting youth to realize education and career goals
  • Captures the post-high school experiences of graduates and former students
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